Hudson Heart Project 2015 | Red Deer Tattoo

We want to take this time to extend our sincere THANK YOU'S to each and every person involved with this fundraiser. We are humbled by your support and thankful for your kindness and patience during the event. 


Hudson is a very special little boy and he would not be here had it been for the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. I stood back a few times during the event and was completely overwhelmed by how much everyone put into much time the volunteers put in to set up, how far some of them drove (up to 4 hours one way), the incredible tattooers that drove long distances and donated their talent & 15 hours their time (one of whom had just got back from France, slept and then drove up from Calgary to help), the volunteers that took time out of their weekend, the local businesses that donated food, coffee, snacks, hair cuts, etc....just completely overwhelmed with love. Haylen's Ice-Cream Shop raised over $250 selling $2 popsicles for the Ronald Mcdonald House here in town, bringing his total to $1255!

and last but absolutely not least....YOU. All 180 of you that got tattooed & the ones that simply donated out of the kindness of your hearts.

To everyone that got up early, drove hours, waited in line patiently, you ALL are just so incredible, the vibe at the shop was so happy and every one was there for the right reasons. There was not one complaint.

So again, I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved. We did it.....$30,459!!!!!!

- Jayme and the CTC crew!

Photo Credit: The Paper Deer Photography