Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my tattoo once I am home?

The quality of your tattoo can be greatly affected by how you care for it, please follow these instructions to make sure your tattoo will heal properly. 

  1. Remove the bandaging after 3-4 hours for smaller tattoos, next day for larger. DO NOT re-bandage

  2. Wash immediately after un-bandaging with warm water using finger tips and a mild unscented soap.

  3. Wash 2-3 times a day for the first 2 days

  4. After first 2 days, apply ONLY a light amount of unscented lotion (we recommend AVEENO in the GREEN bottle) 2-3 times per day, until skin returns to normal (4 weeks)

  5. DO NOT pick or scratch scabs!

  6. NO SUN, HOT TUBS, POOLS, OR TANNING for the first 3 weeks. Showering is ok you just don't want to soak your new tattoo!

  7. Touch ups are free for the first 3 MONTHS after your appointment, as long as the tattoo was taken care of properly....we will know if it has not.

  8. Always use a good sunscreen (SPF 30) on tattoo after tattoo has healed

  9. Do not hesitate to call with your questions or concerns! (403) 343-8989




What are your prices?

Our shop rate varies by what you are looking to get. 

Large Scale tattoos (ie. Sleeves, back pieces) are priced at $180/hour - Lucas is $200/hour

Smaller, single sitting tattoos are priced by the piece and your artist will give you an estimate during your consult or before the tattoo begins.

Shop Minimum: Our minimum fee for small tattoos is $150 +tax




How do I book a consult or appointment?

(custom gallery)

Consults may be booked over the phone (403-343-8989) or by email ( A date will be set for you to come by the shop to meet with your chosen artist. At this time, please bring any PRINTED reference (no cell phone images please) for your artist to look over. If you can not print out your reference, please email it to the shop with your name, appointment date and artist and we will print it for you.

Once your consult is completed, you will then have the opportunity to book an appointment.



Do you require deposits? How much will I have to leave?


Every appointment does require a minimum deposit of $150 +tax to hold your spot. It will come off of the total price of your tattoo once it is completed. All larger tattoos (ie. Sleeves etc) will require larger deposits, and will vary depending on what you are looking to get. Sleeves are generally $250 +tax and back pieces are $400+tax

The deposit for multi-sit tattoos will carry over from appointment to appointment, and will come off of your LAST sitting.


Do you accept walk-ins?


YES! We are always accepting walk-ins pending availability of the artists. We frequently have guests artists in the shop who are usually open for walk-ins. Give the shop a call first and we can let you know if anyone is available and for what time.

FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH is WALK-IN SATURDAY! We open the shop at 11am and it is first come first serve. In the summer, the line up start around 9-9:30am but as long as you are there by at least 11, you should be able to get in. In the winter it starts about 10-10:30am. Once you are on the list, you do not have to wait at the shop all day, we will give you a call when an artist is ready for you.



Do you do piercings? Do you tattoo hands, necks or faces?

No, we do not do piercings. Tattooing hands or necks is at the discretion of the artist but generally speaking if you are not heavily tattooed already, we won't be tattooing your hands or necks. We WILL NOT TATTOO FACES. PERIOD.