All employees at Classic Tattoo are trained in Sterilization as well as Blood Borne Pathogens and Cross Contamination Control. We set the Health & Safety standards for tattoo shops in Central Alberta and are always up to date and three steps ahead of our local and provincial standards or requirements.

We take both yours and our own health and safety very seriously.


Single Use Sterile Tattoo Needles

All needles are single use and sterile.  They are pre-made, packaged and sterilized by the manufacturer.  All sterilization certificates from its needle suppliers are kept on site.

Single Use Sterile Disposable Tubes & Ink Caps

Artists at Classic Tattoo use plastic disposable tubes which are disposed of after each use. Ink is deposited into ink caps which are thrown out after use. 

Autoclave Sterilization

All sterilizing at Classic Tattoo is done by using an above industry standard Autoclave. Autoclaving is the only acceptable method of tool sterilization at tattoo studios.  All reusable tools such as metal tubes are sterilized in this manner.  All tattoo studios should test their autoclave each month by spore testing which is sent to an independent lab for testing.  Classic Tattoo's current spore tests are available for viewing upon request.